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Our Main Features

Easy Compatibity

Our APIs use JSON which makes it easy to integrate on your app.

Free to use

Free to use APIs for your commercial or personal project!

8 APIs

...And counting.

Speed Optimized

We try to make our APIs efficient and as fast as possible for your use.

Docs & Examples

We provide examples and documentations for using our APIs.

Regular Updates

We regularly update our APIs and add new features.

Apps & APIs We Provide

Explore & test out the whole array of APIs we provide and integrate it into your website or build a service with it!

rafled.com FTP Client

rafled.com FTP client to manage the files in an FTP server. Supports SSH, SCP, SSH key login, directly editing files, batch upload, download as zip, create archive directly in the server.

Website IP address Lookup

Lookup the IP address of any hostname or a domain instantly.

What is my IP Address

Get your current public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses if available.

IP Address Lookup

Reverse information lookup on an IP Address to get its coordinates, hostname, ISP, country code, and more!

Anime Wallpaper

Get an Anime wallpaper chosen randomly for you from various different sources.

Base64 Encoder

Encode text or File to Base64

Website Scraper

Scrape/Download any website and download it.

Website Screenshot

Get instant screenshot of any website in seconds.

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